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Creating perfect chocolate requires more than just good ingredients. It requires composition. One day we noticed that such a composition had been right in front of our eyes the entire time: the natural beauty of Alpine mountain scenery. We thought such a majestic, wonderfully varied appearance would be just the right thing for the design of our chocolate tablets.

We set about capturing the magic of the Alps, drawing inspiration from the forms and functions of the mountains until we were certain we had composed the perfect chocolate. And now you can find the new Alpia chocolate tablets in stores. Try one out yourself!

Bild für Diamonds


Sections called “diamonds” with flat bottoms and mountain-peaked tops create a pleasantly balanced flavour experience. Embedded and protected on the top and bottom of this composition, they keep the tablet in equilibrium as a whole for a balanced taste.

Bild für Stabilisers


The right-angled corner sections of this chocolate tablet give it stability. These are often eaten first, representing a point of entry.

Bild für Centre


This element is much larger than a regular rectangle, affording even more flavourful moments paired with the mountain peaks of the Alpine region.

Bild für Foothills


These incomplete triangles change up the pace with their many corners & edges. Pretty intense

Bild für Frames


The chocolate tablet is supported on top and bottom by four framing triangles. Twelve peaks in all, each one full of flavour, hold rich opportunities for discovering chocolate. Flavour peaks

Bild für Supports


These slanted elements are tilted supports for the chocolate tablet. They create a strong foundation that supports the flavour that expands into the middle. Flavour in all directions


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