Alpia – More than 100 years of chocolate expertise

Chocolate lovers have always recognized Alpia products by their pink packaging
and the Alpine panorama which can be found on almost all their wrappers– now very
prominently in the logo

More than 100 years ago, Alpia started with tablets of chocolate and since then
ensures moments of pleasure for every generation. During the last years, we
extended our portfolio with a broad range of products. Products as for example
the Flakes, Schokolinos and chocolate animals guarantee that everybody finds his
favorite product.

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Alpine air and love

Our products are produced with the greatest of care and selected ingredients. For many of our chocolates, we use alpine whole milk, thus providing the best alpine quality. Always new flavour combinations, like most recently our chocolate tablets & Flakes with coconut, are also a reason why things never get boring.

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The chocolate for young and old alike

Our large range of products and varieties also makes us a favourite brand for families to share.

To make sharing even more fun, we now have our chocolate tablets with newly shaped segments.

The best varieties of Alpia chocolates